Arena Cube identity design

A new logo and identity design based on the famous Penrose tribar, and as commented by mathematician Roger Penrose himself  ”impossibility in its simplest form”.


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Cheshire Cat Co. is a multidisciplinary creative studio and design consultancy.

In a challenging environment where rapid technological advancements take place and new marketing opportunities arise, Cheshire Cat Co. believes that success lies in combining innovation and creativity, together with adaptation and high level of expertise.

Cheshire Cat Co. aims in providing holistic communication solutions to it’s customers with respect to their profile and current needs.

Our mission is to make your brand an interactive experience by using the web as a platform for dialogue.

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A brand should be an experience. Hear it, want it, feel it, touch it, and follow the story


Visual enhancements of ideas and content. Speak the language of colors and shapes


Content is King. Light up the qualities

Mobile Apps

From desktop to mobile. Let customers touch you

Social Media

Social intelligence vs meaningless, random posting. Effective dialogue vs corporate monologue

Creative Strategy

Innovative ideas adapted to the brand’s needs. Conquer or be conquered

Creative Writing

King is Content. Challenge customers with words

Print Design

Print what’s worth printing. Expand your printing way of thinking

Web Design

Establish your corporate identity online. Context adapting to desktop, tablet or mobile through Responsive Design

Motion Design

Capture your brand in an exciting and engaging way. Using motion graphics, video and animation


Giving shape to numbers. Graphic elements representing data and information

Medical And Biological Illustration

Graphic interpretation and creation of visual material to help record and disseminate medical, biological and related knowledge


Arena Cube

Described through the studies of mathematician Roger Penrose in 1950, the famous “Penrose Triangle” is perhaps the best known example of optical illusion. The creation of the logo for this newly formed company in the field of software development in interactive gaming, is based on this impossible object. The letter A, the first letter of […]


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